My Personal Journey and The Taryn Shea Brand

Let's go back way back for a minute, 2010. I am on top of the world. I just lost 40 lbs., creating the body of my dreams. I was feeling courageous, brave and like no one or nothing could bring me down. And honestly, nothing could! I chased fear and welcomed challenges. I entered several fitness competitions, became a certified personal trainer, launched a website, was busy with photo shoots (sometimes two in one day!), hosted events, had my own fitness article in a local newspaper, partnered with a supplement company and had the opportunity to travel and appear in fitness DVDs to name a few.


Then my husband and I decided to pursue one of our biggest dreams move to California. You can imagine how much resistance we got from family members and friends on that one! We heard EVERY reason why moving to California was a terrible idea!! Did we listen? Heck NO!! Within a couple short months we had the smallest U-Haul you ever saw packed to the brim and we DROVE across the country until we smelt that Pacific Ocean and could see the rolling mountains. I remember feeling BLISS and overwhelming excitement and JOY when we got settled in our new one bedroom apartment. This was going to be the new home that I pursued my even BIGGER dreams in the fitness industry!! 


Life in California WAS great, as you can imagine! Coastal road trips, LA day trips, mountain hikes etc! We continued to work to establish new friends, connections, clients etc....then it felt time. Time to bring a baby into our life! Before we could think twice, baby Roarik came Oct.3, 2013. He was so cute and the perfect addition!! However, naturally this is also where things changed dramatically for me. Did I say dramatic?


I gained 25 lbs within the FIRST trimester to just give you an insight of how dramatic EVERYTHING changed for me. My pregnancy was super healthy and physically easy but mentally is where I struggled. It was like overnight I didn't recognize myself. As you can imagine, this bled into my aspirations and goals. I lost the connection between myself and my passions. Which as a result, left me feeling lost. I still worked hard but my motivation was for the financial gains, not because  my soul was on fire with passion.  As you can imagine, losing the baby weight was not achieved overnight. As much as I LOVED being a new mom and having so many adventures with Roarik daily, I knew that there was still more dreams and passions of mine that I wanted to fulfill. Before I could even think twice about that, we decided to become a family of 4!!! Like our first, we were pregnant in a jiffy! Ha! So fast forward to 2016 when Ryker was born, it had been 3 plus years of being full time mommy and literally putting all of my own ambitions on the side lines. If you have babies at home and can relate to this period in your life, my first bit of advice is to try as much as you can to ENJOY it. I honestly did and still do .... BUT at times my anxiousness to pursue what was in my heart was hard to handle. 


As I have told many people, it's hard to explain what the EXACT catalyst was to giving myself the permission to officially start living with confidence, creating time for ME and pursuing the passions that have ALWAYS been on my heart. Whether it was just timing, or a specific conversations or experience has happened! I am so fired up to continue my journey of inspiring women to get fit and look great! Obviously , it's not going to be easy to pursue my dreams and take care of my amazing family simultaneously but I am committed! I hope you are excited to come along for the journey too!! I promise you, it's going to an inspiring one! 


So listen up new moms, yes your body has changed. Yes you have lost a LOT of your free time. Yes your priorities are different. Yes your dreams may be buried but let me tell you, they are not GONE. You are MORE capable of achieving your wildest dreams than YOU know. It's going to take a lot of planning, action taking and dedication but you can do it. Don't lose your identity amidst motherhood. 

With my passion and heart poured into the Taryn Shea Brand I am now doing what I feel I was meant to do, host retreats, guide like minded women and spark those ambitions in others through fitness and fashun!!!


A few of my tips to 'find yourself' again after having babies:


MAKE time to workout daily

MAKE time to journal about your feelings.

MAKE time to be alone and allow yourself to dream

Give yourself permission to go on girls night out or better, girls trip!

Stay committed (no matter what) to taking daily action to whatever dream it is in your heart. 


Email me if you need more tips, accountability or support! We have some amazing retreats coming to cities near you and Fit and Chic sessions starting every month!!

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