Fit and Chic Babe of the Month.. May 2019

We have yet another very deserving babe to crown as our new Fit and Chic Babe of the Month!!! Before we make this official and share who this beauty is, let me share with you what we look for in women to receive such an honorable recognition.
We look for women with an overflowing amount passion for Fit and Chic and their commitment for the lifestyle is obvious in everything they do! We look for women who truly love to cheer on and encourage the other women as they know that we are stronger together! Fit and Chic Babes of the month must walk the talk and be making progress in all areas of their life. These babes are truly proud to be Fit and Chic Babes and love that they are apart of something so much bigger than themselves.
We have been selecting Fit and Chic Babes for over a year!
Today, we crown a proud mom, amazing wife and working professional. She joined our community a few months ago and has not looked back once. She is beaming with pride over her new lifestyle and shares Fit and Chic with everyone that will listen. She looks more fit and chic by the DAY and is always cheering on other women every chance she gets! I am so proud that our newest Fit and Chic BABE of the Month is Amanda Kathleen from Alberta, Canada! She embraces the spirit of Fit and Chic and is more confident and truly HAPPY than ever. Her physical transformation has been incredible but what is even more impressive is what has transformed on the inside. In her own words, "until joining Fit and Chic, I was not seeing the beauty and feeling happiness, now I AM".
We are so proud of you Amanda!! It is my pleasure to crown you our newest FIT AND CHIC BABE of the MONTH!!!! Congratulations!!! We love you!!!
Fit and Chic team