Fashion Packing Tips

Since I just packed for a week long trip in San Diego, I decided to share my best FIT AND CHIC packing tips! I packed way to perfectly NOT to share!! 
As we. Discussed on Tuesday for our Nutrition Talk - when you have a desire or a dream, you create goals then act accordingly. You can not have a desire then take the opposite action - that would mean that you are not in alignment. So for me, my goals and desires were to represent my FIT AND CHIC BRAND to the best of my ability in San Diego. So if I was to put no consideration into my outfits, failed to plan ahead then just throw in a bunch of tops and bottoms hoping the fit and match - that would NOT be in alignment with my goals. My actions would not have been on par with my goals of representing the true spirit of a Fit and Chic Babe.
I was very focused on the outcome I wanted and how I wanted to represent myself in San Diego, and I will share my tips and what I did, so that when YOU have an upcoming trip - you can fast forward in your mind and ask yourself, how do I want to represent ME!? What action do I need to take NOW I I order to achieve that? YES It will take planning ahead and being proactive. That's nothing for us Fit and Chic Babes!! 
Starting WEEKS ago, I started to visualize the outfits I wanted to wear. I got some visual inspiration and set out shopping AND looked in my closet. I was determined not to settle on just 'ok' outfits. I wanted to bring my best. I ordered some things online, purchased a few things in the mall, I took a couple of outfits to the tailor and pulled many things from my closet. I came up with the best 'fit and chic wardrobe' I could. Also, about 6 weeks ago,  I started booking my appointments leading up to the evening of my flight. Tanning, hair, nails, facials etc.... Yes it is a commitment to embody the true spirit of a Fit and Chic babe - but it is SO worth it!!!.
A few days prior to my flight, the REAL packing took place! One would think I have extreme OCD but I call it, "Extreme desire to be prepared" heheh. I tried EVERYTHING on - sometimes several times as I just could not decide what shoes or purse to complete the outfit at first - until I nailed every outfit. Fitness outfits, casual and CHIC outfits. 
Once I selected the exact outfits that I wanted (including the jewelry), I took approx 2700 zip lock baggies and packed each outfit in its own zip lock. AND, just so I do not waste time in SanDiego, I took photos of the outfits to remind myself quickly of what I packed.
For my makeup and toiletries, I still brought all my favorite products that I love and use daily and poured them into smaller containers. I refuse to settle for crappy products just because I am traveling. 
More Packing tips:
Invest in an earring traveling case - keeps them safe and organized.
Never pack last minute - ever. 
Invest in several cute makeup bags - they are great for organizing toiletries, cords, tampons ect...
Make you are confident and COMFORTABLE in every outfit you pack. That is why it is essential to try it all on first.
Pack lots of healthy snacks - duh!!!! I have many healthy snacks ready to go for at least a few days.
Pack an empty water bottle  - no excuses not to stay hydrated
Pack all your daily vitamins. 
It takes a lot of effort, focus and energy to be this prepared, but I will not settle for anything else! Who else is with me??
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Stay Fit and Chic,
Taryn Shea
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