Don’t Put So much Weight into your Weight

Don’t Put So much Weight into your Weight

So every time we welcome a beautiful new group of amazing women into our Tribe – the concerns and questions arise. Hence, I finally decided to create a document to refer women to instead of the same explanation each time! Pretty efficient of me, right!? #winning

I can time it to the exact day that the ‘scale’ questions start to come. Usually day 11 or 12 of our ‘21 Day Fit and Chic Program’….

Questions come in a variety of wordings but always the same TONE – “the scale hasn’t budged for me, so I MUST be doing something wrong or this program is a complete waste of my time”

So listen UP BABES – Ditch. The. Scale. – YEP!!!! I SAID IT!!! (crowd gasps) I think those words are actually considered OFFENSIVE to some women! I don’t care. All I care about is standing up for what I believe in – and what I know will improve your LIFE! Studying the numbers of scale, hoping they decrease and waiting until that MAGIC number shows up to validate you in some way -is insane. What happens ALL the time, is you wrap all your self-worth up in a number...tragic! You let it control your mood too. If it’s ‘low’ on a Tuesday, well damn, you have been good and so that means you feel good. OR gods forbid, the number is higher on this particular morning, so obviously that means you are losing at LIFE, so naturally you will be in a foul mood. (poor hubby)

Let me ask you, WHY allow a number to control the way you feel about yourself!? A number!? A silly number that literally means NOTHING!! I am pretty sure you know by now, that I do not use scales, I don’t ever weigh myself and I do not care too. WHY!? HOW!? You may be asking yourself! Because I simply do not care.


What I do CARE about is how I FEEL. Do I feel energetic, happy, excited and strong!? Or am I feeling run down, bloated, depressed and weak. Depending on which of these feelings I am experiencing, is how I know if I have to change something drastically and take ACTION or just keep on the same path!

What I do CARE about is my measurements. Now we are talking! This is WAY more accurate! If you waist says you are losing inches – then FANTASTIC! That is something to be happy about. If the measuring tape is reading the same after several weeks (TAKES TIME FOR TRUE RESULTS TO OCCUR) – then we need to talk about changing things up in your routine and nutrition. 

What I do CARE about is how my clothes are fitting! If my jeans are loose in the waist compared to last month, I keep going! Your clothes tell the whole story ladies. You KNOW that. You don’t need a number on a scale starring back at you to validate ANYTHING. If you are convinced all your pants just shrunk in the dryer – then you are in denial. It’s because you may have stopped watching what you are putting in your mouth.

What I CARE about is what I see in the mirror. I like to check out my physique in the mirror once a week or so – if I like what I see – great! If I don’t, then I TAKE action to fix it. What I never do, is get down and complain and do nothing. If you don’t love something about yourself, as a Fit and Chic Babe – you need to take ACTION. Action is the only thing that will change your life. Not complaining or blaming. What I mean by ACTION – getting back into routine of working out and preparing healthy foods and taking time to focus on YOU.

In SUMMARY – I personally do not use a scale. I use the above methods to track my progress. Scales are not accurate and are very misleading. Scales weigh EVERYTHING in your body and is not an accurate interpretation of your progress. This is true for many reasons but the biggest one is for the simple fact that MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT. In my program, the carefully designed workouts were made to help you create lean muscle tone and blast fat. So – if you are studying the scale daily, you could see your weight stay the same or even INCREASE! Again, muscle weighs more than fat – yet takes up less space, helping you become a lean mean girlie machine!!!!

So ditch the scale – fix your posture, prop your chin up and repeat – “I am a fearless warrior. I am in control. I am amazing and confident. I am on a journey to creating the best version of myself. I am stronger and leaner every day. Numbers are irrelevant to me. All I care about is how I feel. I feel my best when I am focused, training hard, eating a variety of nutrient dense foods and surround myself with positive people.

Disclaimer - There are obviously some women who track their weight with a scale -hopefully the type of scale that actually shows you your fat percentage, bone density, water percentage etc - and they are very happy with that. So if that’s you - great girl!!!
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Stay Fit and Chic Babes!!

Taryn Shea

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