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Taryn Shea

Fit and Chic VIP Coaching

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Looking to lose weight, gain energy, increase confidence and reveal muscle tone? What is missing in your life is likely a combination of accountability, direction and a solid plan that is specifically for you and your goals!

I have been coaching women for many years now and have had tremendous success with my unique, healthy and wholesome approach. Not only do I have experience of transforming my own body (ask me about my 60 lb weight loss transformation!!) but I can guarantee you there is no one more passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How long do I have to commit for?

A: We ask you commit to a minimum of a 3 month duration (this is because we all know true transformation and change takes time and patience). With that said, we hope you will remain a one on one client for years to come! There’s truly No “end” because we only continue to get better and set higher goals to achieve! 


Q: what’s included? 

A: everything you need to successfully achieve your goals!! 

Although this plan does not have all the bells and whistles of our top tier coaching, it is still a great option for women who looking to take their health to the next level and feel as if they have hit a wall on their own! Let me help you! 

Here’s whats included:

  • Bimonthly check-ins ins
  • One 60 min phone call (May schedule if needed)
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Cardio Schedule
  • Training Program


... and so much!! We basically will do anything to help you reach your goals. With my many years of expertise, knowledge and passion- have no fears that you are in the right hands! No matter what hurdle we are faced with, I will provide you the solution and path to overcome.


Let’s get you to your goals!! 


So are you ready?? Ready to finally make progress and reach your goals!?


* please note Taryn only accepts a handful of clients at a time to offer the highest level of support.