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Taryn Shea

Total Transformation & Lifestyle Makeover Package

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Coaches are extremely valuable and offer a great deal of support, knowledge and experience. You should be very proud of yourself for taking the first step by simply inquiring! Way to go girl!

I have been coaching women for many years now and have had tremendous success with my unique, healthy and wholesome approach. Not only do I have experience of transforming my own body (ask me about my 60 lb weight loss transformation!!) but I can guarantee you there is no one more passionate about helping women become the best versions of themselves.

Frequently asked questions:


Q: How long do I have to commit for?

A: We ask you commit to a minimum of a 6 month duration (this is because we all know true transformation and change takes time and patience). With that said, we hope you will remain a one on one client for years to come! There’s truly No “end” because we only continue to get better and set higher goals to achieve! 


Q: What’s included? 

A: Everything you need to successfully achieve your goals!! 

* Weekly check ins. You will send me your current photos and other specific information and I will make changes according to how you look and feel. 

* Recommended Vitamins to supplement your health

* Mindset techniques to increase overall positivity

* Specific Tools to increase inner confidence

* Daily Goals to help you stay focused on becoming the best version of yourself!

* Fashion Tips! How we show up in the world MATTERS! 

* Meditation and Stretching incorporated into your program

* 6 - (Monthly) Goal Workshop Sessions

* one 20 min phone call weekly to ensure all is good and discuss anything you need clarity on!  

* tailored workout plan (changes every 6 weeks) 

* text message support as needed (girl, we all need as much support as possible to stay on track!)

* personalized nutritional guidance (this may or may not include fasting, macros, carb cycling etc)

*tailored cardio plan (depending on your goals and available equipment, time etc)

*all the emotional support you’ll need (let’s be honest, some days you’re gonna need me more than you know!)

*mini challenges to help you stay motivated (to break through those plateaus!)

*access to my Fit and Chic community, exclusive discounts to other products & services and more!

*tips and tools to achieve the right mindset to be successful in all areas of Your life (yes girl, call me your LIFE COACH) 


... and so much!! We basically will do anything to help you reach your goals. With my many years of expertise, knowledge and passion- have no fears that you are in the right hands! No matter what hurdle we are faced with, I will provide you the solution and path to overcome.


Let’s get you to your goals!! 

So are you ready?? Ready to finally make progress and reach your goals!?


* please note Taryn only accepts a handful of clients at a time to offer the highest level of support.