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Taryn Shea

Spring Into Action, Fit and Chic Style!! - 6 Week Challenge!

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Spring Into Action, Fit and Chic Style!! - 6 Week Challenge!

The time has arrived ladies!! Time to shed the winter layer and SPRING into action, Fit and Chic Style!!!

For years, I have lead challenges in the Spring to help women, just like YOU be ready for the summer months! You have to put in the work in the Spring if you want your summer body to be ready!!

Let's face it, feeling confident in your summer clothes is an incredible feeling! The best part, is that we have perfected the challenges and know exactly what it takes to help you achieve your goals! 

Want to feel great this summer? 

Ready to shed the winter layer and get in great shape?

Want to exude confidence from head to toe?

Want to achieve your goals with a group of like minded women??

We got you babe!!! Keep reading! 

Starting, March 25, I am going to guide you through my unique and well rounded challenge to help you reach your goals! 

I’m interested, but what’s included?? (So glad you asked!)

  • Marco Counting for beginners 

  • Guided FASTING days to catapult your results and help you become the healthiest you have EVER been!

  • Fasting Information from other experts to help educate you

  • Weekly Check in’s where Taryn, (Fitness Expert) will provide personalized feedback

  • Cardio Plan

  • Home Weight Training Program

  • Sample Meal & Nutrition Guide

  • Safe & private Community of like minded women to keep you accountable and Inspired

  • Prize for Winner (most transformed)

  • WEEKLY Inspirational and Informative Lives with Taryn

  • Weekly Fashion Talks with a STyle and Fashion Expert!


  • Unlimited support and guidance to help you reach your goals!

I know what you’re thinking….

*** sure you could hire a trainer but they are going to charge you the same price as this ENTIRE challenge for the cost of 1 (2 if you’re lucky) sessions. That doesn’t even make sense! You don't need someone to count reps for you, you need an entire PROGRAM to empower, uplift, guide and educate you! You will be reaping the benefits LONG after the challenge is over too! This is the best investment for your health!

*** sure you could do it on your own! Be prepared to do a ton of research on nutrition, workouts and mindset plus you’ll have to stay motivated and accountable on your own. Let’s face it, it’s better when someone is spoon feeding you all the info & exercises! Not to mention, magic happens in a community of strong, like minded women all striving for similar goals!

Convinced yet?? Read what other women had to say about Taryn’s previous challenge:

"I lost 12.3lbs during this challenge and finally managed to get over my plateau!! That was a huge win for me! Most importantly I feel good, better than I have in a long time!Can't wait to start the next program! ��"


"I’m grateful for the programs Taryn Shea has put together for us! Each one hit a different aspect of my life  and really had me examining what I want to do and achieve. I have more confidence in myself and what I can achieve! Thank you Taryn!"


"After gaining weight during Quarantine, I knew I needed this challenge to get me back on track! I did just that and so much more! I lost 8 lbs and feel amazing in all my clothes again! I have never felt this confident! Can’t wait for next challenge!"

-Linda H.

We will help you drop unwanted body fat, lose inches, tighten & tone up & help you EARN the confidence you deserve!!! /Spring & Summer is coming, like it or not - so why not be ready and feel your best!!! 

Let’s summarize everything now that you’ve made the best decision ever!...

With our Fat Blasting Workouts, fasting days, macro counting, nutritional guidelines and tips for a strong and focused mindset  - there’s NO way you will fail …..unless you QUIT! And with the support of the community and Taryn’s passion to help women, quitting will be impossible! Besides, you will want to keep going until the end because you will feel results almost immediately!

SO excited for you that you made the decision to Spring Into Action, Fit and Chic Style!! You deserve it!

Don’t hesitate though babe! Enroll now to secure your spot! Limited spots and Taryn’s challenges fill up quickly! 

The time will pass by anyways, why NOT put the work in?

Grab  your bestie, sista, co-worker, neighbour, daughter…….and get ready for a phenomenal experience! 

Enroll NOW babe! We can’t wait to celebrate your transformation!