“TOO GLAM TO GIVE A DAMN” 4 Week Challenge!

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I know babe, 2020 has been challenging (to say the least!) but I am determined to end the year on a high note and I am taking you with me! We are the creators of our reality, you know!

So as I sat down to think of how I could finish this year strong, a wave of inspiration hit me!! Within minutes, the entire concept and theme for my next CHALLENGE was created!

With that said, I am proud to present…..

                                       “To Glam To Give a Damn” presented by Fit and Chic Inc.

The ULTIMATE Fit and Chic 4 Week Challenge to finish off 2020 like a BOSS!

We will focus on:

  • Fat loss and toning up to get those lean muscles to POP!

  • Creating more GLAM in your appearance & environment to help your spirit SHINE BRIGHT!

When you look your BEST- you FEEL you best!! Let’s get you Fit and Chic ready for 2021!! 

Join the “Too Glam to Give a Damn” Challenge NOW!

STARTS Nov. 16th

Do not let 2020 get you down! Finish strong! Finish the year feeling like you are TOO GLAM TO GIVE A DAMN about all the negativity going on! 

**What you will receive:

  • 4 FULL BODY/ FAT BURNING Workouts + 1 Bonus BOOTY workout!
  • Nutrition tips w/ sample meal plan to follow
  • Guided and supported FASTING days to achieve even greater overall health benefits
  • 4 designated GLAM DATES including
        • Glam Makeover with makeup
        • Glam Makeover with fashion
        • Glam Makeover for your bedroom
        • Glam Makeover for your hair

This Challenge will fill up FAST!! Don’t be a victim of 2020!! 

Be victorious and become TOO GLAM TO GIVE A DAMN!!!

Can’t wait to help you reach your Glam Goals Babe!!