“Stay Sizzling all Summer” (4 Week Fit and Chic Challenge)

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There is a lot of emphasis on ‘getting summer ready’ and ‘earning your summer body’ in Spring but what about staying motivated and keeping your hard earned progress!?


Don’t fall victim to letting yourself go in the middle of summer! Stay SIZZLING ALL summer long by joining our upcoming 4 week challenge!!


We will start in the middle of the summer, right when you need the extra motivation and accountability most!!


My focus for this challenge is to help you stay sexy, sizzling hot and CONFIDENT all summer long!!  I have been coaching women and leading challenges for over a decade and I know all the patterns and trends that each season brings. A crucial time that you all need support is mid-summer! Otherwise, you could let all your hard work slip away with all those extra summer beverages, treats around the campfires, snacks while on the road trips etc!!


I want to help you feel and look your best ALL SUMMER LONG!!


So, join an amazing group of women in a private community that will be loaded with all the tools, inspiration and accountability that you need!!!



I will only be accepting the first 20 women that join!!


When? We start June 21st babe!!!


Where? It’s all ONLINE! However, you will feel more connected than ever because of the intimate interactions with all the other women plus our weekly LIVES!


Who? I will be leading and creating this entire challenge for you! I will create all the workouts and an amazing calendar to follow including fasting and cardio days and more!!!


Why? Babe - WHY NOT!? What do you have to lose!? Why wouldn’t you sign up for a mid summer challenge to keep yourself in check, inspire, fit, confident and thriving towards to your goals!?


Not to mention, my challenges are the perfect opportunity to interact with like minded women and meet new friends during a very isolating time for us!!


** All workouts will be HOMEBASED, so the fact that your gym is closed - is no problem!!!!



So are you in!?!? Click ADD to CART to join and stay SIZZLING all SUMMER long babe!!!