Summer Body Challenge 2020

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Summer. Is. Coming…..will you be ready? 👙


I know babe, how can this be??

We are talking about our Summer Body already!?!? YES WE ARE!! It takes weeks and months to get into great shape and feel confident, so we have to put the work in ahead of time! You can’t start working on your body in May or June! That’s too late!! 

That’s why I have created a 6 Week Summer Body Challenge!

Guess what, it WORKS!! How do I know? Well last year we had over 130+ women join the challenge and the transformations and testimonials were bonkers!! It took my team and I days to sort through all the before and afters to choose a winner! (we never did choose one, we had to pick two!) 

See what previous women had to say:


“I love the accountability this challenge has made me have.  I love the team atmosphere. I love the positivity. I love the results mentally and physically!”

“Taryn’s Summer Body Challenge is the best kick in the butt programs I have ever done! It keeps you accountable and supported every step of the way no matter what each day might bring you.”

“I smashed my goals in Taryn’s Summer Body Challenge, thanks to all the support and guidance I received! I feel more than ready for the beach this summer! I lost 17 lbs and gained my confidence back!”



So whether you were a part of the major successful 6 week challenge last year, or if this will be your first time, we are thrilled to support you and help you achieve your 2020 SUMMER BODY!! 


There will be much more information regarding the details of the challenge in the weeks to come, but all you need to know is the following:




- unlimited support and guidance by Wbff Pro and Fitness Expert Taryn Shea

- Private community

- Prize for WINNER

- Workouts with video and written description

- Weekly themes to keep you engaged and inspired

- mini challenges to reward and recognize

 your hard work along the way!

- FB LIVES for the opportunity to ask questions

 And MORE! 

The PRICE for this 6 Week Summer Body Challenge is $99  

The exact START DATE is TBA but will be end of March/ beginning of April

** SIGN UP TODAY! Limited spots this!