Proudly Presenting... "Re - Ignite Your Spark", Challenge!

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It's time!! Time for Redemption. Time to take back your health & happiness.Time to follow through with your goals and actually achieve results.Time for you to get your life back after a stressful year and... 

Re-Ignite Your Spark!!


We are so proud and excited to present the first official challenge of 2021! This is a MUST JOIN challenge to help you kick off 2021 the right way!!!
**We start Jan.11/2021 ** (Join now before spots are full)

Let's not beat around the bush. 2020 has been a tough one and as a result, many of us feel like we've lost our way physically & emotionally. That's ok! You are not alone and we have tools and guidance to help you look and feel better than ever!

* So, you've lost the motivation to follow through with your goals? It happens babe.

* Feeling insecure and frustrated in your body? We know the feeling.

* Lacking energy and not inspired to go after your goals?

* Feeling overwhelmed and stressed with everything going on in the world? It’s NOT your fault.

* Feeling like you lost your INNER SPARK?? We know, we get it.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You are not even close to being alone! In fact, that is why we decided to create this challenge! To help women like yourself gain control and Ignite Your Inner Spark again! We got you babe!

Here's what past Fit and Chic Babes (aka clients) had to say, 
“Taryn’s 6 week challenge changed my life. I learned habits that will be with me forever and tools that I can use whenever I feel myself slipping. I had no idea what to expect but ended up losing 9 lbs and a ton of inches! I have never felt this empowered and confident before in my life! Anyone reading this, you have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain! Go for it!!” - Sarah R.

Let us help you! It's what we do BEST! Trust us and we will take care of you from start to finish. There is NO other challenges out there that come close to what Taryn offers due to her passion combined with experience.

Join us by starting 2021 off on the right track! The track that will help you to achieve your goals in record timing with proven tools and systems in a private community, lead by Taryn Shea, herself!

Taryn is the Founder of Fit and Chic, Fitness Expert, Wellness Coach and Wbff Pro Athlete. With her passion, years of experience (with countless transformations) and her unique approach to coaching women, you will find yourself looking and feeling better than you ever thought possible!

Taryn and her team are ready to help you make 2021 not just any year...but YOUR Year!!! YOU deserve this. YOU are worthy.
Join NOW to Re-Ignite Your Inner Spark!
Just in case you are not convinced, here is another testimonial:

“Taryn’s challenge has set my soul on fire and helped me realize I HAVE to put myself first in order to to live the life I am meant to live. I can not thank Taryn enough for teach me to love myself again. I also lost 12 lbs and feel more confident in my clothes! Taryn has ignited my spark and I know there’s no stopping me!” -Jenelle

Don’t let 2020 permanently dim your spark babe. You are too good for that! Join our 4 week, “Re- Ignite Your Spark” Challenge to make 2021, YOUR YEAR!!

So, What’s included? (we're glad you asked babe!)

- 5 {home based} Fat Blasting workouts for all fitness levels * Bonus cardio plan (*Personal trainers or private coaches would charge you hundreds of dollars)

- Private & supportive community to hold you accountable (*priceless)

- Goal setting and Vision creating Workshop (*Workshops alone cost hundreds of dollars)

- Nutrition Guide and Sample Meal Plans (Essential!)

- Unlimited support by an experienced professional (*priceless)

- 4 POWERFUL Weekly themes that will unlock the secrets to Re-Igniting Your Spark! (*PRICELESS)

- Weekly LIVES with Taryn Shea, herself (You will not want to miss these inspirational conversations!)

- PRIZE for the most transformed! (we all like winning stuff, right!?)

- So much more BONUS material, it’s too much to list!

Yet another testimonial, just to seal the deal!:
“I am blown away by the support and guidance I experienced in Taryn’s challenge. I  loved the expertise and inspiration she offered in all her LIVES. I felt so stuck prior to this challenge and now I am stronger, leaner and my muscles are more distinctive! I am summer body ready!” - Sylvia

JOIN NOW!! Starts Jan. 11/2021

*** limited spaces available for this challenge!

Ok ok, we can't help ourselves. Here are more testimonials (trust us, there's a lot more where they came from too!):
“Huge thanks to Taryn for being so personal and checking in with me. I needed that extra push to keep myself accountable and that’s what the challenge did for me. I lost 10 lbs and even more inches!” - Lisa K.

“I am so grateful for joining Taryn’s challenge! I feel nourished and energized with all the great food I’m eating and the best part is that I don’t feel deprived! I am more motivated than ever!” - Candice

Dont want to wait until Jan.11 ?? Join our FREE Fit and Chic Community today!!
Stay Fit and Chic,
Taryn Shea