6 Week Fit and Chic Warrior Challenge!

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6 Week Fit and Chic Warrior CHALLENGE

Hosted by, 

Founder of Fit and Chic and WBFF PRO

Taryn Shea

It is TRUE!! Taryn Shea herself is hosting another exciting CHALLENGE for an opportunity for all women to RISE up and embrace their inner WARRIOR!! Taryn Shea is no amateur when it comes to fitness and transformation. In fact it’s something that she holds close to her heart because she grew up overweight and insecure. FINALLY after years of struggling, she decided she had enough and lost 60 lbs to become a fitness competitor. She didn’t stop there though, she went on to become a mom (she had two boys) and recently made her way back to the fitness competition stage to win 1st place and her PRO CARD.

 She is full of knowledge and her passion is inspiring and teaching other women to rise up and transform their bodies too! She has helped countless women from around the world to shed unwanted body fat and gain unstoppable confidence! 

She is ready to lead, yet another, highly successful 6 WEEK CHALLENGE!!!! Are you ready!? 

What you need to know:

Who is it for?

This 6 Week Challenge is for ALL WOMEN wanting to challenge their inner warrior to rise up! You will be inspired to dig deep mentally, emotionally and of course physically, ultimately unleashing that inner Warrior that lives in all of us. Ladies, only enroll if you are truly ready to challenge yourself and transform from the inside out! 

What does it include?

To sum it up, this 6 Week Challenge includes EVERYTHING you need to be successful! Let us be more specific for you babe. 


  • 6 FULL BODY Fat Blasting Workouts (with video demonstration)

  • Weekly themes (aka mini challenges) to keep you engaged and inspired to keep going until the end!

  • Nutrition guide with sample menu

  • 6 Inspirational  Facebook LIVES with Taryn Shea, Wbff PRO, herself! (these will be recorded to watch later if you miss out)

  • Private Community

  • All accountability you need to achieve your transformation!

  • Endless support by Taryn Shea herself


  • More……….

When does the challenge start?

We start Aug 19th baby!! It will run for 6 weeks - perfect amount of time to let your inner WARRIOR rise up! You will be transformed from the inside out!!!

What do I expect?

You can expect to be challenged, become very inspired and learn about fitness, nutrition and mindset!! You can expect to make a ton of new friends from all over the world and have fun! You will sweat, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone and you WILL achieve incredible results!! You will be inspired to unleash your inner warrior!

Once I pay, then what happens?

We encourage you to sign up right away to secure your spot! Do not forget to invite your besties for more accountability!! You will be emailed with additional info prior to the challenge starting! The week prior, you will be granted access to your Private FB Community!! This is where ALL the magic happens!!

Have more questions? Contact Customerservice@tarynshea.net for more details...

What will I need for this 6 Week Fit and Chic Warrior Challenge?

Not much babe!!! That’s the amazing part! We need you to have a GREAT attitude and be ready to transform. You will also need:

  •  an active FB account and internet connection

  • Two pairs of dumbbells (light and medium weight)

  • Space in your home to move and jump around or access to a gym (NOT required)

  • THAT IS IT!!!

What if I have an injury or disability? 

No problem babe! We will ask that you take it slow and go at your own pace. You can modify the workouts and do what you can. Check with your Dr first if you can participate.

What fitness level is this challenge designed for?

We love this question because we proudly encourage women of all sizes, shapes, ages and fitness levels to join!! Taryn Shea has run many successful programs and challenges filled with women from all walks of life and they are a smashing success each time! No matter what your current circumstances or situation is, you can join us and we promise, you will transform (as long as you put the effort in and push yourself!)!

Enroll NOW if you are ready to embrace your inner WARRIOR and transform your mind and body!!! 

Don’t sit around and wait until Aug 19th rolls around though - JOIN Taryn Shea’s Exclusive Membership Community to have access to her woman empowerment community! You will access to workouts, nutrition talks, inspirational guest speakers, fashion talks, daily challenges, recipes and more!!! 

Contact Customerservice@tarynshea.net with any questions...    


refund policy: full refund if requested before 8/18/19.